Stop Smoking with Champix Tablets

Stop Smoking with Champix Tablets

Champix tablets is an effective medication to stop smoking . Containing varenicline that has been proven to help reduce cravings, significantly increasing the chance of quitting smoking. It has the highest success rate when compared to other smoking cessation products, including nicotine gum and nicotine patches.

Smoking is a very common but very dangerous habit. The World Health Organisation has identified tobacco as the leading cause of preventable death in the world. Smoking is associated with a range of extremely serious health concerns, including cardiovascular problems and a number of cancers. As awareness of this rises, more and more people are attempting to quit smoking permanently. The problem is that smoking cessation is extremely difficult, due to the highly addictive substances contained in cigarettes.

Difficulty of stop smoking  : Stop Smoking with Champix Tablets

Stopping smoking is so difficult because you develop an addiction to the nicotine contained in the cigarettes. Nicotine is considered to be the most addictive substance in the world. In addition to the physiological addiction you experience thanks to the nicotine, you will also be psychologically addicted to the experience of smoking regularly, associating the habit with stress relief and, likely, happiness. Successful smoking cessation depends on you being able to tackle both the psychological and physiological negative elements of smoking withdrawal.

Stop Smoking with Champix Tablets

Methods of smoking cessation

Many people who attempt smoking cessation often try to do so using the “cold turkey” method, which means they do not use any external aids and rely solely on their own willpower. Despite being probably the most popular method, it has the lowest chance of resulting in long-term success. Another common method is to use nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, gums and inhalers. However, the method that has the greatest chance of success is to use a smoking cessation treatment such as Champix, which is only available on prescription.

Champix : Stop Smoking with Champix Tablets

Champix is a highly effective prescription treatment to help you stop smoking in just 12 weeks by helping to reduce your cravings. It is the only treatment of its kind available today.

Stop Smoking with Champix Tablets


Champix is one of the only medications available on prescription to aid smoking cessation. Clinical studies have shown that it people who use Champix to try and quit are more likely to be successful that those that rely on nicotine replacement therapies or go cold turkey. A course of treatment usually lasts for 12 weeks. It is unique as a treatment because it stops you feeling the usual pleasure from smoking a cigarette as well as reducing the usual cravings and withdrawal symptoms that are caused by abrupt smoking cessation.

How Champix works

The active ingredient contained in Champix, varenicline, is known as a nicotine receptor antagonist. It works by fastening to the receptors within your brain that are affected by nicotine and then making the receptors believe that a nicotine dose has been received. This means that you will not experience the usual withdrawal symptoms and the desire to smoke. Champix also compensates for the lack of nicotine (which would produce the “feel-good” chemical dopamine) by increasing dopamine levels. These methods mean your cravings for cigarettes are reduced.

Side effects of Champix : Stop Smoking with Champix Tablets

Like all prescription medications, Champix does sometimes cause side effects. Most commonly, some mild nausea is reported. You may also experience one or several of the following: dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia, headaches, indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation, skin irritation, restlessness and changes to taste. If these effects occur, they are usually only temporary. In very rare cases, mood changes have been reported. If you are taking Champix, you should inform those close to you so they can monitor any behavioural changes that occur.

Unlike other smoking cessation products, Champix does not contain a single trace of nicotine. Varenicline acts directly on the nicotine receptors, which reduces the withdrawal symptoms that can hamper would-be quitters. You can buy Champix pills safely online here at OnlineClinic. It will then be dispatched for next day delivery after approval from one of our doctors.


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