How to win in forex trading for beginners

As a beginners, you’ve taken your first steps towards learning the basics of forex trading  to win the game.
Forex, it’s just a very attractive and beautiful business. Almost everyone is dreaming about mastering it, so they can work from their home. We look at the Forex and think about those billions of dollars floating in front of him. Hearing the stories of those who have became millionaires by trading Forex. He will first think and start looking for the Holy Grail strategy that will make him rich in forex to achieve his dreams.  He need an automatic system to tell to him when to buy or to sell.

Tips for Forex Trading Beginners

When you are a Forex trader, you are the company, you are the chairman, you are the manager.  You can never survive in this business without all these teams working together having the strategy alone is not enough at all. Having the accounting team or money management alone is not enough at all as well. They both complete each other, and here is your main part and main secret to be a successful Forex trader. You have to coordinate the strategy along with the money management and now, at this point, it’s all up to you how to handle both of the strategy and money management by yourself. The biggest mistake you can do is trying to copy someone else, rather than being yourself. Every successful trader having their own system and trading a system they have built by themselves, which is more suitable for their own situation.
If you really put all your effort to learn trading and you really focused on it, I promise you that one day soon, your dreams will become true and the most important thing is. You need to control your emotions, while you’re trading stop thinking that you should always revenge the market when you lose a trade trading. Forex is just cruel. Like any other business, you will never finish every day in profit and you will never get hundred percent results every day. You must accept that every month you will have a good days and some bad days only the losers.

How To Win At Forex Every Time for beginners

You must accept the losses and, most importantly, is to learn from them. If you never learn your mistakes and you keep falling to them over and over, then you are just wasting your time and money losing control. If emotions is one of the most common reasons why people losing and trading forex or even quit it. So the best thing you can do at this point, is to come up with a money management plan where you dedicate a small amount to be possibly lost, so you will have no hard emotions when you actually lose it trading. Forex is very beautiful, but it’s never easy. Today I will share with you my secret that have kept me profitable on the Forex market for many years. I am simply using Robot Forex Advisor ea. Expert advisor are softwares that automatically executes trades according to smart preprogrammed instruction.

When there are so many expert advisors like the Forex robot and help in terms of automatic software, it is really easy to make money in the Forex market. Installing this software is very beneficial to most traders in the currency market.

I am sure that any one trading in the currency market is doing so with the idea to not to lose any kind of money in the market. Today people wanting to trade in foreign currency do not want to take unnecessary risk and lose their money. To help them start making money instantly and constantly you have the automated robots to help you. These automated computer software can be downloaded into your PC. It handles all the currency trading process for you. You need not spend hours in front of the computer analyzing all the current trends in the market and make your trading decision. The software has the program to react to the slightest movements in the market. The software is frequently updated to suit the market conditions.


Today you see hundreds of various kinds of robots in the market. All claim to be the best. All claim that they will help you make money consistently. However, how many of them work as advertised is a real big question. Spending all that money and installing the software, and you see that it does not work well can be really wasted effort and money. Most of these Forex robots are programmed to just trade in currency pairs while there are some that can trade in any kind of currency. One of the best things about some of these Forex software is that it has reduced the risks by almost 99%, which is a big deal. This has led to people scrambling for the most wanted Forex robot software. Over the years, you find that more and more people are entering this field to make big money.

Red Fox EA is designed for traders who would like to have low drawdown and steady growth on their profits.

Its has both a low drawdown and aggressive setting which users can select from.

How to win in forex trading for beginners

Features :
Below 9% drawdown per pair with low drawdown setting. All pairs overall drawdown below 18%.
Below 15% Drawdown per pair for aggressive setting .- All pairs overall drawdown below 38%.
10% to 28% Monthly profit on low drawdown setting.
17% to 48% Monthly profit on aggressive setting.
manual lot size each 1000 0.01 lot.
News Filter – To avoid trading on big market event days.
Smart inner indicators to analyze the market before placing a trade.
Fully Automatic – Install in 5 minutes and the rest is fully automatic.
100% Non Martingale Strategy.

How to win in forex trading for beginners

Red Fox’s strategy is based on market reverse price, it uses internal custom indicators in order to analyze the market.

Red Fox is designed to trade with very low drawdown with its low risk setting, we can confidently say that no one will ever blow their account.

It is a fully hands free robot, and it does everything automatically.  Doesn’t require daily monitoring or any manually setting.

What are the requirements to use this EA?

Simply just watch the installation video and install it in less than a few minutes. The best setting is provided as the default preset files and there is no need for changing the setting, Just add it to MT4 and run it.

  • Works on all MT4 account types.
  • Minimum fund to start 1000 usd.
  • Download the file after completing purchase.
  • Forex expertise is not essential to use this robot.
  • Low Drawdown pairs:  EURCAD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPCAD, USDCAD.